Monday, August 3, 2009

Worried About Social Eating

Well here I am up early again. Since my surgery, I seem to need less sleep? I can't imagine this is a real side effect or benefit, but it seems to be happening. I go to bed at the regular time and wake up about 4:30AM rested and raring to go more often than not. Have no idea why.

Anyway, today is the today of my first real social eating challenge. I am going to a mentor/mentee luncheon. The food is usually catered in and very nice, but none of it is full liquid friendly. I am sure there will be salad, I have never seen or heard about a soup at one of these. The entree is usually very nice pizza or gourmet deli sandwiches, neither of which will work. I am just very nervous about sitting with my mentee and pushing food around on my plate while she eats during the hour long luncheon. I guess I will see how it plays out and do the best I can. I am only 1 day from puree - maybe I could do a lot of salad dressing and chew the heck out of the lettuce, skipping the more fibrous veg in the salad. I don't like the thought of all the fat and calories in the dressing, but I am going to have to problem solve on this one.

Down another pound and a half today. In a new decade!! Woohoo!!!!

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