Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purees Tomorrow

Am due to start purees tomorrow right on the heels of foaming and kakking tonight. I am worried. After this kakking incident with pudding and protein drink I am going to be very careful. My husband bought me the Oster hand blender with chopper and cup so I can make sure to puree everything into a smooth, pudding like consistency. I am going with tuna salad puree tomorrow. Tuna is light, filled with protein, has no fat, and I like it. I am measuring portions and starting the suggested food plan. Here's how it goes:

Breakfast: 1/4 c (2 ounces) tuna salad puree

Snack: Protein Drink which I will need to sip on all morning to get down.

Lunch: 1/4 c tuna salad puree

Snack: Protein Drink, again with the sipping through the afternoon

Dinner: 1/4 c some kind of protein puree, I will decided this after experiencing the tuna. I might need to go back to sugar free pudding if my tum thinks it's best.

That should give me all the protein I need for the day and get me started on the idea of meal, drink, meal, drink, meal. I've read a lot about the puree stage and it seems you can't treat purees like the full liquids. Full liquids you can kind of sip all day. Purees are actually meals that need to get on the sleeve schedule or you can end up eating way too much.

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