Saturday, August 1, 2009

Major Celebration

Last night my brother introduced my husband and me to his new girlfriend. She is a wonderful, sweet, smart, pretty girl and we both just loved her. We took them out to dinner at a great restaurant, one of my favorites. I was very nervous about this because I haven't been out to dinner since getting my sleeve and, being on full liquids, had no idea if there was anything on the menu I could order. I called ahead and found that there was a cheddar broccoli soup, very thin, and a macaroni and cheese in a soup-like creamy sauce, just as much sauce as pasta. I thought, "This is not ideal, CARBS, but I will be able to order it and fake through the meal - nobody in my family knows about my sleeve except my husband and my mom. I didn't want to have to lie to my brother and his girlfriend or get into any discussions if that makes sense.

Here is the FABULOUS news - there is SO MUCH fabulous news that I am going to bullet it:
  • I had no hunger feelings at all, no food envy of what other people were eating.
  • I had no desire to cheat. If I had been out with just my husband who knows about my sleeve I would have ordered just a cup of the soup and been totally content.
  • You know that mouth feel, where your mouth is just watering and wanting that food - GONE.
  • You know that head and body feeling where there's like a pulse in your brain going EAT, EAT, EAT - gone.
  • Before the sleeve, I would have shared an app, eaten a salad, and ordered an entree, probably eating at leas half to three quarters of it.
  • Before the sleeve I would have eaten the leftovers before I went to bed or first thing in the morning for breakfast - not this time!
  • Long story short, I ate 3-4 sleeve sized bites of the soup and 1 or 2 sleeve sized bites of the macaroni sauce AND I WAS SET!!

I can't tell you how wonderful this was. For a person who spent a big majority of each day planning food, thinking about food, stressing about food, and finally eating huge amounts of food, the control I felt at last night's dinner felt like a literal gift from God, and I do thank God for Dr. Zapata and my sleeve every single day. It is like being released from some kind of hellish slavery where food calls all the shots. Thank you, thank you, thank you again Dr. Z. and the gastric sleeve.

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