Friday, August 7, 2009

The Are you a crazy person Test

Whoa. Yesterday was a tough day at work with a very tough person. This person talks about suicide, cries, talks about being hospitalized, rages, becomes depressed, becomes happy all in the space of an 8 hour day. There is something really, really wrong. It makes for a very stressful work environment. Plus, this person really doesn't have any idea that the roller coaster of emotions affects the people all around the area. Eeeesh. Came home stressed out and very tired BUT - DID NOT BINGE AT ALL!!!!

YAY!! I navigated through a lunch out and a dinner out doing a cup of soup each time, and while the scales didn't go down, they certainly didn't go up! Presurgery, I would have come home and eaten a cheesecake or something just to calm myself down. What a relief to be in control!

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