Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from Mexico

I am back from Mexico. The situation, from doctor to nurses, from accomodations to drivers to everything else was everything I'd hoped for and more PLUS nothing I feared it might be.

I will write more about Dr. Zapata and his wonderful staff in a later post. Until then - HUGE NEWS. I wend to Mexico intending to get a lap band, but after being there, visiting with Dr. Z. and his staff as well as other patients, I came home with a gastric sleeve. I am thrilled. It was clearly the better choice for me.

Now I will have no fills, no port worries, no sticking worries - all those surgery maintenance things that bandster have to do are nil with the sleeve. In terms of money, it was about 3000 more, but by the time you price fills and hassal and potential revisions of the band and port down the road, the 3000 breaks even very quickly. I know my first two band appointments were going to be 250 each - there's 500 hundred of it right there.

Well I am pretty tired and need to go walk around the house while taking small slips of liquids. Laters!

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